Kids Church On Saturday’s for Kids Aged 6-10

During our Saturday night church service, we are offering a new program called Kids’ Church. This is for those children, ages 6-10, who have “aged out” of the nursery. Kids’ Church will be held in the high school Sunday school room, which is to the right of the sanctuary at the end of the hall- way.

Kids will remain in the sanctu- ary with their parents to wor- ship at the beginning of the service and to participate in children’s chat. Then, they will be escorted to the classroom by the Kids’ Church volunteers. Parents can pick them up after the service!

Each week will feature a message and either a craft or a game — but always some fun! Programs like these would not be possible without our volun- teers! A quick and thankful shoutout to those who have signed up to help! Izzie and Theresa Evans, Jeff and Missy Finney, Matt Griffin, Pamela Jones, and Jacob Kenny.

If you would like to register a child, or if you are interested in signing on as a volunteer helper, contact me at 443-859-1744 or

Just one more way we are serving the youth of our church.