We are switching providers for “online giving”

If you currently have a recurring gift set up through our previous provider, Pushpay, you need to create a new account with tithe.ly

Simply go to the church website, christsby.com and scroll down to the “give” link at the very bottom. Click on the word “Give.” Follow the screens, making any changes if necessary, and indicate tithe.ly as the provider that will process your gift.

If you have been seeking a solution to giving your tithes/offerings to the church, I encourage you to visit our new updated website, and see if the electronic-giving option is right for you.

Please note that the church is charged a minimal credit/debit card processing fee for any gifts made using tithe.ly, or any other electronic-giving platform, So, if you are currently mailing in a donation, placing your donation in the box in the foyer, or if you have a transfer set up directly through your bank, please continue using these methods.

But, if you are like me and never seem to carry cash or are constantly forgetting your checkbook, then online-giving may be a quick and easy way to give your tithe.