Welcome to "a church called Christ"

If you are looking for a church that fits your lifestyle then you are in the right place! We have several types of services to fit the lifestyles of today's families. 

We use story telling to help you along your path to Jesus Christ. We deliver the message and let you apply the message to your life in the way that works for you.

From the first moment you walk into "a church called Christ" you feel welcomed and like you are walking into God's Living Room. Isn't that how you should feel in your church?

Services For Your Lifestyle

We have a variety of service styles and times to fit your schedule. Our Saturday Nite Lite service starts at 6pm on Saturday evening. On Sunday's we begin our day with the Arise service at 8am, followed by our Encounter service at 9:45 and the Celebration service at 11. Learn more about Saturday Nite LiteArise Service Page,  Encounter or check out our Service Finder to help you decide.

Childcare & Sunday School

We offer childcare for younger children to allow you to enjoy your service. During our 9:45 Encounter service our Sunday School teachers are hard at work with children from 3 - 10 years of age. For those kids that are 11 and up we offer a setting that provides an environment that kids that age are looking for.

We didn't forget about the Adults! We offer several options for Adult Sunday School.


Upcoming Events

Crossroads Connections